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Category: Herbal Candle Making

DIY Floral Candle

DIY Floral Candle I haven’t met a single gal who doesn’t love flowers; so if you like making candles, I’m pretty sure you’ll also love this spring-inspired DIY. There’s nothing like some fresh flowers to get you into the mood...

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DIY: Chandlery

While an interest in candles seems to be more common amongst ladies than men in our modern age, the making of candles itself is a rather masculine skill that traces back thousands of years. Especially in medieval times, the...

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DIY: Herbal Candles

This summer I’ve fallen in love with growing fresh herbs in my garden and finding creative ways to harvest and use them. My favorite herb by far has been lavender. I’ve made my own eye pillows and sachets, and even lavender...

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